Version 21.06 - Havoc - General Feedback

LOL efficient use of available space. CCP does it again. :joy: You made a full screen window out of the settings only to fill it with empty space. You also made some of the text really hard to read because they are so small. CCP please… :rofl:

The God Damn NES is full screen as well and centered on the screen. Do you even ever use your own UI as inspiration for at least somewhat sensible changes to other parts of the UI?


You guys need to work on changing the production costs for many capitals like Vehement, Vendetta ASAP


What I find stupefying is that the “Known Issues” thread starts off with 25 known issues, clearly identified by CCP before they launched the update, but still they launched the update…


Oh, I see they “forgot” to have a condensed mode on that window. Who would have thunk after all the backlash they’ve had on every single photon UI change they implemented.

CCPlease, a condensed mode for the settings window ?


Congrats on the update.

There is is only so many routes in this game, but an “Avoid Corrupted systems” in auto pilot may be nice. But its possible that you will not be able to raeach your destination unless u fly thourh them.

I also found it kind of tedius to figure out which systems are vulnerable to corruption and if i was going to fly through one when traveling.


All of the market orders in Upwell structures have been canceled, and the items have been returned to the sellers’ hangars.

UI Design in 2023:

  1. Add 20px padding to everything
  2. <4k monitors don’t exist
  3. Care more about how the UI looks than efficiency.

That is not true. I still have a lot of orders in citadels. Didn’t think I lost a single one. Maybe your station is destroyed/offline ?

Sounds like a 1dq- issue. :wink:

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The NES also resets/closes when you jump through a gate or dock. So you cant browse it while traveling which is probably the best time to do it. Sad?

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How absolutely amazing! You cannot see Insurgencies in the Agency unless you enlist for FW. This is amazing! If only these things would not impact people OUTSIDE of FW. There is no map filter for it either, neither in the new crap map nor the old map. AWESOME!


I wondered why the new Insurgencies System tab was empty… absolutely farcical.


there is an insurgency window for it.

So this is real? x) Yeah that could explain why a market disappears.

I expected the new Settings screen to suck and I’m not disappointed:


because god forbid you can still see what’s in the background instead of having everything full screen, this is not a console game ffs, please revert the size to windowed


Actually I’d like the NES to be in a window, I rarely want to hide everything with a fullscreen panel


Oh, a new window. But even if I could see the info there, I would now have to open yet another new window. Why is this not in the Agency where I can have a bookmark to that crap and easily access it in THE WINDOW FOR PVE AND WORLD INTERACTION? Who thinks up such a rubbish? The window also does not show the Insurgency in relation to surrounding systems. You can’t see how close it is to other relevant places. And the Route finding does not tell if a system is under Insurgency either.


I love the massive whitespace in the new settings UI. It’s beautiful.

Seriously, whoever’s been in charge of UI design the past couple years needs to learn to trim whitespace.