Insurgencies unfair to care bears

I had a mission that sent me into a system that is at max corruption, and I thought “how long can that possibly take?” Well, it’s a week later, the mission has expired, and the corruption is still going strong. And as a weak and cowardly high sec PVE player, I couldn’t even have done anything about it without signing up for faction warfare, and even if I had, by the time a system hits max corruption it’s too late.

This is not the level of interaction with the new content that I was looking forward to. At least with Niarja I could have done something about if I wanted to. (The fact that the corrupted systems are on the high-sec route between Amarr and Hek is just a bonus).


Sorry for your loss. EvE can have unexpected consequences, especially when the expansion is named “Havoc”… Never a good sign.


Could you not simply have declined it? That’s what I do. The agent standing hit is not irrecoverable.


I have a clarifying question: the source of your dismay and the impetus of this thread is one single expired mission that you didn’t decline?


I’ve seen threads with pettier complaints than this one. But it’s not just the one mission; it’s the waiting more than a week to do some simple missioning. I’ve never liked the gating of new content behind faction warfare, but this is especially irritating since it now affects me personally.

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You have options here OP. Mission in systems that are far enough away from border areas (Insurgencies can only originate in FW systems and cannot spread into 0.8 or higher systems (and also cannot go into Empire space that isn’t involved with that war, ie an insurgency in Min/Amarr warzone cannot spread to Gallente space). You could have declined that mission as mentioned above. Ofc you could have tried using a less expensive and more specialized ship to get the mission done.

Players have as much chance to suppress a system as players do to corrupt one. It’s not the mechanic’s fault that players choose one way over another.


Well the next few expansions will be gated behind null sec. That’s just how game developments works, one area of the game sees the love, while others wait their turn. (Hisec did also get Homefronts recently)

The entirety of Eve Online in every type of space is about how other players and their decisions affect you and your decisions.

It’s likely you are playing the wrong game, then. Or have had your expectations about this game mismanaged or misdirected.


Well, EvE is a game, artificial challenges are put in by developers to be overcome by players same as in every other game. It’s certainly not the last time a patch will affect your playstyle. It’s happening all the time, your preferred toys or routines get nerfed and other things are added or buffed and new opportunities arise. Else the game would be long dead.


Well, the game kinda is, but I see your point.

I miss when it was “Everyone vs Everyone” instead.


What do you mean by dead? Certainly it isn’t if you measure via active players, unless you think if it’s not in the top 10 then it’s dead.

Dead compered to the numbers it used to have.


I guess both WoW and FFXIV are dead too.

Why would I care about those games?

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I bring those up as they are most populated MMOs out there. Using your logic, because they don’t have as high as a population that they used to, that they are dead games, like what you are describing EVE to be.

EVE is among the higher ranked MMOs, easily clearing top 20 and has had a steady population (slight increase with HAVOC)

Those games are irrelevant to me. Why even bring them up?

Rats. Thought I had a worthy opponent…

What I meant is, that the EvE universe rules are made up like in all games to create … uhm … the game. The rules’ goal here is to create (more) player conflict, and Havoc delivered on this.

No mechanic stops you from doing your mission in a corrupted system, it’s just you being afraid of the additional risk. It’s a PvP challenge to solve. IIRC, the pirate rats on high sec gates won’t warp disrupt you, and not follow you in mission pockets.

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They are called Insurrections, Insurgencies is something else? Or maybe it was incursions

But why is CCP in such a rush to change things. When ever they change something without thinking it through the most likely result is they drive away players.

In this case not only was calling them insurrections a bad idea because it sounds too much like insurgencies which is a different thing, but it was also obvious from the start that pirates was gonna dominate the content and disrupt anything they could. But then as it became apparent that pirates dominate the content, they made it so it would TAKE LONGER for pirates to win, resulting in systems to be corrupted EVEN LONGER which made the situation even better for pirates. The weirdest part is that you dont even get anything from winning an insurgency.

So i dont know how the game designers at CCP come up with this stuff and how it makes it into the game.

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