Сhange change

ССP rarely changed decisions under the previous publishing house, has it become more flexible in terms of reversing its decisions?
Specifically about the nerf of the resists.
The battles of the ships have become faster, there is no that fan that gave a longer and more bloody battle. You also had time to think, make a decision, and in general, pvp time increased, bringing pleasure. The developer’s policy was clear, it is necessary to reduce the number of superships near zero blocks. But with the nerf of the industry, mining, and high prices, they almost stopped being undocked. so maybe it’s worth returning the resists so that the subcap fights longer, and superships begin to appear in space?

I like the lower resists. They act as a sort of equalizer when fighting outnumbered.

terrible for PvE, I agree, but I’m not a money-hungry grub-lord, so I don’t care about that.

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The lower resists favor kite gameplay as those ships didn’t need much tank anyway. Up close and personal fighting got the shaft. So now you see an increase in kiters and less brawlers. Non-committal is the name of the game now.


Ironically, If I remember correctly CCP announced Surgical Strike patch as buff to brawling…

And in PvE speed / sig tank.

Ironically (?!) L4 it favors cruisers and drones. It’s so boring I keep losing my ships cuz alt tab before piloting it. The boredom is astonishing.

But good stuff guys, cya.

I no longer care about mining ship EHP…mining is just an activity to build up a few extra ISK while I wait for the skills to fly my ever growing fleet of ships for AG. Most of my ISK comes from PLEX, as I simply can’t be bothered mining for days on end when I can have 1bn ISK for a tenner.

To me the real issue is absurdly long skill queues. To me it is absurd that one can be skilled for a Gallente battleship…yet apparently one cannot fly a Minmatar frigate. Sort of like telling Lewis Hamilton that he’s not skilled enough to drive a Mini.

If I can fly an American fighter jet, that means I can fly a Russian helicopter too right?
…what does “мое судно на воздушной подушке полно угрей” mean…

It means you’re about to have some electrical issues.

It means ’ there’s an American fighter jet right behind you '.

You want blaster boats then.

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