Industry "Changes"

I stopped playing about 5 months ago. Came back recently.

The “temporary ore changes” are still there, nothing seemed to have changed.

I’d like to have an update about this. Is CCP still considering the situation or are those changes going to stay?

I understand these changes are meant to get people playing in low or null. But that’s not viable. I’d need a crowd to protect me from the pirates, and don’t have that. Empire space exists and people can choose to play in it. A forced playstyle in a sandbox is not going to get you more players.

Something anyway. Temporary right?


This is not temp.

It is like it is now…

Can I have your stuff?

You should just quit again honestly.

CCP Rattati’s crusade to nerf everything is still going on, every update makes something more difficult or not worth doing anymore and there is no sign it will ever let up.

In his own words “If you don’t like it, then quit.”


A whole crowd? So what are you, multi-boxing two dozen accounts for industry?

What makes you think that you’re entitled to inflate our economy, but not contribute to keeping it healthy by participating in risk?

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new industry is great
no one really know how it works
no one produces ■■■■
prices are ridiculously hight
good job CCP :stuck_out_tongue:


I remember commenting…

A cruiser is about 10-20m where a BC is what? 60-70m?

A new player is supposed to pay for this BC how? What if he loses the ship?

Is that “risk”?


the fun starts at 1 billion battleships

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If you need ISK for ships, then you’re just supposed to buy PLEX obviously.

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Still undergoing changes and will be for a while yet i believe.

But the whole idea of the new system is that rewards come with risk. So because the risk in highsec is so braindead low, you should never expect much in the way of rewards.

There is like several dozen corporations wanting you to join them. DO IT! DO IT NOW!

A game doesn’t die because it loses players.

A game dies when it can’t keep new ones.

You’re not going to keep players past the SOE epic arc screwing up high like that.

Money talks.



I added the regions you neglected to mention. No need to thank me.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Go back to the wormhole from whence you came, servant of Anoikis, harbinger of Darkness!

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I’m sure you believe this is hurting player retention but have you actually checked?

Reportedly new player retention is better these days.

Just rethoric. I don’t know about new players any more than you.

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We need to break the game some more and farm more where its still viable and brings good isk like incursions and pochven flashpoints. untill CCP starts being reasonable.

My income was never bigger.

What’s industry ?

Everyone pvp’s in velators and shuttles these days anyway …

The Middle Class crying that their Patisseries are burning makes baby Lenin laugh.


So what was this post for?

You obviously believe you have a better idea of what new players want than anyone else. All I’m asking is that you back it up.