Industry "Changes"

How Eve Online’s corps recruit fresh blood for the space game’s wars | PCGamesN

“Finnbogason says that new players often “don’t stick” because they haven’t found a sense of purpose.”

so its like real life
life is suffering
you have to make some purpose of it

Yeah basically, they cant think of anything to do and have no imagination.

CCP’s problem is it keeps trying to make us do stuff instead of giving us tools with which to make up stuff to do.


yes thats it
freedom vs guided content
i fell in love with eve because of the freedom … i can do anything i want
nowadays there is more and more people seeking the hand holding style
no imagination as you said


Whale Cum to 2021, where instant gratification is everywhere and people choose where to spend their money.
In 2004, the drawn out grind was par for the course, as far as mmo’s went. Not so much anymore. Adapt or die. Either way, I’ll accept your stuff.

sources? Player retention my arse.

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They weren’t temporary, what made you think they were? CCP were clear these were permanent changes

yeah i mean its clear highsec ore moving to once per month respawns is coming

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Become a pirate and then you will be good to go.

You need stuff from low or null? buy it. Don’t worry, people from low and null will need to buy hisec stuff to get things done too. Unless you want to stick to the idea that you can do all by yourself, no one is forcing you to get out of your comfort zone.


Sounds like one of those toxic people to me.

As a vet in this game these changes aren’t going to effect me much at all, most vets are wealthy enough to keep going with no problem, you are right to point out that newer players will find ships out of reach without massive grinds or spending RL cash.

Guess in their mind (CCP + Rattati), the pandemic is giving them an opportunity to juice newcomers for cash as people look for ways to keep entertained and newer players got to “reach for the stars” with their wallets, but that’s business I suppose, sometimes I really think CCP Rattati is really The Mittani, ever since a goon member joined CCP long ago the game has been on a steady spiral to what that remains the question.

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This is a perfect example of a decision that is short-term bad but long-term good: It’s messing things up massively but long term (when the pendulum swings back) it’ll be better balanced, less easy to cheese/grind/afk/bot and things will require more interaction.

A company that is willing to make such short-term bad decisions, and thus incur the wrath of their player base (some of it valid, most is just screeching), to end up in a better position long-term shows that they are looking for long-term economy health. Those are the best kinds of devs even though we may not like it short term.

It’s just that the instant gratification crowd these days combined with the incessant whining and crying that seems to happen on all layers of social media makes it as if the world is coming to an end.


If you are paying cash for Merlins and Caracals, you are doing it wrong.

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You’re making a huge assumption that this will ever happen.

CCP developers have already shown they have no clue what the long term consequences of their actions will be by allowing the situation with Rorquals and Capital proliferation to develop in the first place.

I’m sure getting rid of the economist on staff was a really smart move too.

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The article has nothing to do with industry changes. It’s actually suggesting that player retention is NOT affected by the industry changes.

Don’t have a link sorry. I believe it was Brisc Rubal that referred to a discussion with devs he had sometime last year that retention was improving.

But this doesn’t change the fact that there is nothing saying retention is being harmed by the latest industrial changes.

Instead we got this:

Blizzard LOST a large portion of their player base during COVID, even the launch of a new expansion couldn’t change that. EVE GAINED players over COVID and is still level overall.

What are you people even talking about.

Imagine how better it would have been if Rattati weren’t trying to shoo people away this whole time


He isn’t, don’t be dumb.

I used to chat in a lovely gallentean ice mining community for years. Now its half-dead and half the size and the remaining half is the dead half in “half-dead”. All because Rattati’s “improvements”. So on a personal level i feel many vets leaving because of this.


He is viewed as the greatest dev in eve history and fixing industry for the better!