Industry "Changes"

i have only been back a short time myself after taking a long break…i am thinkig of taking another long break. The changes they made and have only just made to industry/mining/ship building is to me to screw the solo player…whoever comes up with this stuff seems to not give a toss that there is a sizable chunk that does missioning solo, mines solo, builds ships and gathers resources solo. No not saying everyone or most…but a sizable portion of the playerbase.
I personally mine solo and mission solo and build my own ships and ships to sell on the market…now they make more changes so i have to mine longer, cannot build a lot of ships i have BPs for cause now they force players to have even more things they need to build those ships…basically stomping on solo to force people to go low or null? no it does not …because those people will be fed up with not being middle of the road or fair…why bother having high sec if you want to force everyone to go low or null?

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The carrot is currently trying to warp out of Jove space, Should be in known space at the same time as we get a gate to Stain or when goons move back into saranen, either way its going to be a long time me thinks. CCP forget that a lot of it’s player base like to play solo, not much room in the sandbox for our play style we always seem to get crapped on. Just makes me want to play even more and prove the bleeders wrong. Apart from when I rage quit etc etc you know how it goes.

More toxic from CCP.

Industry changes, mining ‘rebalance’ etc

EVE is a space ship game, CCP making it harder for people to get into space ships. Genuis CCP, well f done.

i dream about bhaalgorns and nightmares all the time …

Almost every single one of my PvP-oriented friends left because of similar reasons, but from a different perspective (PvP, piracy, wars, et cetera being nerfed into the ground since about 2012).

In a game where one chunk of the community only wants to blow stuff up and the other chunk wants to do nothing but grind money and resources in peace, every single change is going to have its winners and its losers. This isn’t something that you can get around with careful planning and consideration.

All I can say is that after about seven years of nothing but PvP nerfs and blue-doughnut-forming, stagnation-enabling, pro-farming policy enforcement, it might be time for the PvE players to take a hit, and for the PvP players to get some badly-needed carrots.

You seem to be confusing “solo” with “complete vertical integration” of your operations. Playing “solo” doesn’t mean that you should be able to handle every stage of the industrial process by yourself (without any difficulty, at least). Go on the market and buy the stuff you need in order to plug the gaps in your production chain that you can’t manually handle because they require you to go to space you don’t want to be in. It’s not like this will be a sunk cost, since anything you buy will be part of the finished product’s value, which you’ll recover during the sale.


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