Very Happy with the Upcoming Changes

I just wanted to check in to say that I’m really very pleased with the recent update in February and psyched for the upcoming changes in March. Being able to hunt supercaps on the move again, together with a cut back on the sov grind will be incredible.

Thanks CCP and CSM for this great rack of changes!

It finally feels to me like the game is coming to life again after a long dormancy!



Supers wont tether on jump in anymore, so it’s back to cancerous dt cynoing. Great change…

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Only if you’re a gutless pussy. The rest of us will move as a group as we’ve always done. A single super without support deserves to be dead. If you or someone you know wants to solo in a super, that person (be it you or someone else) is retarded.


Glad to see a positive post. I am pretty happy with the citadel and mach changes especially.

God yes. For all the bitching that we’ve done over the stagnation, ■■■■■■■■, and general uuuuuuuugh that mechanics and balance have incited lately, these changes are utterly fantastic.

It feels like they just threw a hell of a Hail Mary, and at the moment you’re watching it sail right into the waiting hands of a receiver. A lot of these changes have huge potential to bring the MAU up and get people to come back to the game.

There’s still time to drop the ball, but with proper care, I can see this being a HUGE boon to the game’s population count.

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