Unpopular Opinion: Allowing supers to dock was the worst change of the “Citadel” expansion

I get it, it’s nice to be able to swap clones, it’s nice that have another dread alt when you aren’t using your titan, and it’s nice for those who haven’t invested in multiple accounts to join a fleet and play with their big toys. What’s not nice about all this is how much it buffs the “recruit anyone with a pulse” nullsec blob style of play.

Literally no small-ish group in nullsec has access to a keepstar (at least one that they live out of), the few other keepstars in k-space in lowsec are not major staging points for any supercapital force and never will be, even snuff doesn’t have a keepstar, but FRT, Panfam, Legacy, and Imperium all do.

People complain about super proliferation for these big groups but for some reason don’t see that at least for super carriers, the biggest hurdle to ownership used to be the 25m SP a dedicated alt takes, when supers are sub 10bn a hull this is extra true.

Disallowing supers to dock will reduce the amount of bounties farmed by them in nullsec, will reduce blob alliance’s ability to create a super umbrella, and will not adversely affect “the little guy” or the more “selective” alliances who already have to use dedicated alts. Removing this “feature” would directly nerf blob alliances, something that some people on here seem to think isn’t possible, with changes always “affecting the little guy” more (if you believe mittani spin anyways); removing the docking ability from keepstars would not nerf the little guy, only the “recruit anyone with a pulse” alliances that’re the bane of this game.

TLDR; CCPlease remove supercapital docking from the game, there was a reason the devs didn’t allow docking in stations when supers were introduced, and that reason is called balance.


Fully agreed with any comments in this. Just another case of typical CCP shortsightedness in favor of “fun”.

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Mostly agree, OP…but it seems highly unlikely to change…

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Agree but…

Remember POS removal and players in corps kicked from alliances or simple find now they are the corp only member. How apply for Other corp if you cnt dock ? In first time is not “intuitive” yu must contact a GM to move ypur super of the space and maybe they move to difficult Low sec point.

Are there small groups in null? When I was in inpanic, an alliance of maybe a dozen corps… We had a keepstar.

Yeah but you were part of a bloc, you could say TNT is a small alliance if you don’t consider the fact they’re in the biggest bloc in the game

i mean… that’s kinda how sovnul has always worked, though. blocs are not a new concept. i mean, look at BoB

My corp would qualify by this metric. Can afford a keepstar =/ being capable of defending it. Therefore none were ever deployed, we are about 100 people

I was actually in a renter alliance that rented from BoB and was in JV1V when that baby Titan died due to that failed defense, and what it was then and what it is now is worlds apart.

Small groups could find their niche in null back then. Think temp small POS ninja.
Now its best to not even try.

Now you have to join some bloc or give up null for the most part.

I disagree, coffining characters is awful gameplay. Let supers dock in the Keepstars still.

The mistake was citadels.

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Why couldn’t you do that with an astrahus today?

The unanchor time makes that very, troublesome.

that’s a fair point, and somethign that could be adjusted i think

First thing, each of capable structures (Fortizar, Keepstar, Sotiyo, Tatara) should have limited slots for capital ships. These structures shouldnt be infinite in capacity for such ships.

Second thing, the spam to these structures must end. They should be limited to the number provided by amount of planets in the system, and placed only around them (but not rafineries, these are already placed around moons). Planets being like a source of materials and manpower able to be mobilized to these titans and structures operation. But rafineries could be placed around moons like it is now, independently of the planet number.

I would remove also ability to dock Rorquals in Tatara anyway.

Just remove the caps.


No it was not, and neither is the ability to put them anywhere you damn well want. You lot just want the game made easy for you to prance around as top dog. That the Goons have totally outplayed you in building up such massive superiority is obviously hurting. And let me also add that even if they could not dock them they would still have that massive superiority.

CCP is going in the right direction with the cyno change.

And I was in Tactical Superiority who are small in size as an Au TZ alliance, who along with Dangerous Voltage had two Keepstars.

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It is obviously hurting, thats why the “chaos era”, dont forget that the game lacks fights, strategic, diplomatic and logistic depth because of wealth of one side and means of obtain them not being limited. Where you will store spare titans? You could log them out with pilots in space, but how many titan alts would you need? There is money in that to be made for CCP.

CCP chosen to make it a grind fest towards caps, grind without end and without limit, without monetization in the end, where it could be monetized by means of storing wealth. When you produce more you will ever need and you will never use, not even in a fight, and you dont pay for that - thats bad from CCP standpoint, that even hurts the game, throwing people into a grind cycles to obtain more. CCP have to say “STOP, now should be the time to fight” by changing stuff around.

The game was for a majority of time shifted away from skill based, because it would hurt CCP cash grab, that then later resulted in a game lacking conflicts. Games with grind are what you can monetize a lot easier, but you have to put limits. I hope CCP will balance stuff now and get rid of the grind supremacy and replace it with some additional income from storing Titans in space with Titan alts trained with injectors (PLEX should sell more), or it will demand people to use skill.

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So you want supers to be even more nerfed than they are already.
Ok so take the supers are out of the equation, bang goes a big chunk off ccp income, bang goes a lot of new/old players goals, less reason to play, less fear for making a push on some entity less pilots = not much fun.
So in the end we have no local, hardly any cyno to move about, no supers, no sov space threat = stale repetitive motions.

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