What is the actual problem with "docking" Supers and Titans with Keepstars, CCP?

I am genuinely curious what is the problem is in this vein, because I have very little knowledge on the coding issues or whatever else spaghetti code is causing issues.

Is there a statement or some kind of document that covered the technical issues on this subject?

I am not trying to sound condescending in any way as I am genuinely interested in the mechanics of this issue.

Random Idea if this is still something being worked on by CCP,

Make Supers and Titans take up “docking bandwidth” like how drones take up space in a drone bay, and have the Titan/super models just appear on the outside docked along side the twin towers or whatever with the skin selected when the Titan was placed into the “Super Capital Docking slip bay” or whatever. Maybe make a rig that expands the “bandwidth” of the supercap docking bay amount?

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