A structure for storing a limited number of supers/titans

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After the removal of POS’s, it is going to become much more difficult for small groups with titans/supers to store them.

How about adding a new structure that can only store a very limited number of supers/titans at a much cheaper cost than a keepstar to replace this functionality.

Has this topic already been thought about?

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It has been.

The solution is to operate them exactly like you’d do with a POS. Safe-Log while tethered in space.

The one limitation is that you can’t use sitter-toons without exposing yourself to some risk.

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The thing is at the moment you can use an x-large ship maintenance array, allowing you to use the character for something else. You can’t just eject on a citadel.

edit: also if you have a combat timer you can be bumped off before you can log off

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I don’t believe small groups and titans where ever supposed to be equated to each other (its kind of sad they have lost their luster as epic machines). We are talking about the end game motherships of EVE here not some rinky dink thing to be parked in any ol’ person’s backyard. I think the challenge of finding parking really highlights the weight of using such hefty beasts.

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Bumping something out of range of a Fortizar is pretty tough and if there is a titan on field for bridging, you should have at least one competent gunner to kill off any would be bumper.

That aside, the problem with these structures is that an entity (big or small) can just mass spam them in systems and have cheaper than Keepstar storing solutions for their supers/titans.

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That’s like me saying that I want to own an aircraft carrier, but I don’t want to staff it with the 2 or 3 thousand crew, because I’m only me and not a government with billions to spend.

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