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Hi there,

I gonna have a super, and as far as i know, there is only 3 methods for safe log out with it:

  • log off with the ship (worst case i think)
  • Pos with x-large ship maintenance array
  • Keepstar

Well, i hate the toon log out because you can do nothing with this toon anymore and the keepstar … lol Not everyone(or any corp/alliance) can afford one.
I like the idea of the Pos, it’s “low cost”.

Everyone know that Pos end life is soon, so what i’m asking is : is CCP thinking about giving an alternative at this fu… keepstar for docking super? i’m not asking for something cheap, something which will cost a little (the security of our babys is not an option ^^)

Maybe there is a answer for me somewhere, but sorry i have not found it.
(what could be cool i s a service for fortizar :smiley: )
if someone can give me some answers …

fly safe

Lol, you want to fly a super, and your Alliance is not able to drop a Keepstar?? Works a designed. #nopoors


I really have to agree with the above post… Also unless its a 1 man corp your super is never safe in a xlsma…

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You do not need a Keepstar. You just need a Fortizar, where you safe log off close to the structure of the Fortizar. No issues.


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His issue with safe log was that it becomes a coffin.

That said, OP clearly didn’t think things through. If you or the group you run with can’t afford a keepstar, don’t get supers.

It’s like buying a ferrari, only to realize you don’t have a garage and you don’t want to leave it outside for everyone else to key it up. Buying the ferrari was the stupid part of that.


I think a ferrari costs a lot more than the garage. You can always think of the garage after buying the ferrari.

It’s not about cost, it’s about putting the cart before the horse. Buying the extra shiny gemmed buttplug because it looks great, only to find out that it doesn’t fit.

OP did a dumb and bought his toy before thinking about any of the needs. Instead of owning up to something that he clearly should have known, he asks for a workaround to a very clearly intended design limitation.


It’s about using analogies that are wrong, that can make something that is not “right” look “right”.
A better analogy would be, if you buy a plane and there’s no airport where you live. or buying a submarine when you live 500km from the ocean( and there is no airport).

You’ll notice that he asked for what will replace the POS, meaning he is alright NOW with the POS but the future update will remove an access he has.
So please, instead of sayings “doh you should have known it before you bought that super”, next time read his question …

definitely not

Fair enough, on the other hand, it depends entirely where you live when you consider the cost of a garage. Maybe you’re living in a densely populated area and there is nowhere to build a garage.

I’ve seen news articles about parking stalls in parkades being sold for over a million dollars.

Is it a wrong analogy? No, merely not within your expected dataset.

YOu are correct though that I misread the op - I was under the mistaken belief that he had indeed already purchased.

So there is that.

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lol , yeah i’m not flying in a super atm and yes, the Pos solution is fine for me atm, my worries are for “after” the pos. We are leaving in rent system, so we can’t do anything (understand put on a keepstar for exemple).

I’m asking if Ccp will think about us player who had a solution “safe” for docking super to had another thing cheaper than a keepstar.

When i see answers like “poor for a keepstar don’t buy a super” ,i think ccp had think about nothing

Ty all :slight_smile:
fly safe


systemid 30002510 .My pleasure.

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Uh, no, this is exactly what CCP and 99% of the players were thinking.

A expensive as hell ship should require an expensive as hell parking permit.

Just remember, before citadels, there was no way to dock your supers in a station at all.

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I’ve been calling supers flying coffins for a long time and mostly stayed away from them. Now that Keepstars are a thing I’ve become far more interested in flying a super. If you don’t have a Keepstar for parking I probably wouldn’t consider getting a super.

Completely agree. I remember first learning about Titans, I thought “hot damn that ship sounds cool”. Then I learned that you basically had to have an alt for it. Although technically you still should, lol. Now you can dock it in a safe place though. So… improvements.

Get into a supercap heavy Corp if they don’t own a keep star already there’ll usually be plans to acquire one in such a group

Are you recruiting? I love to fuel pos towers and would happily help out with this

Locked on request of the OP.