Freeport keepstars

first i would like to say that these forums are ■■■■ and there was nothing wrong with the old ones.

now on to the title. a few corp mates have supers and are too much of pussies to ask in the forums so i am doing it for them. what are the systems that have free port keepstars? i remember at least one system had one but cant remember the name or space it was in.

they’re all traps . once the cyno goes up , the freeport is closed and the super is smashed . didn’t you know that ? of course you did …

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the one i saw my alliance used to move everything out and it was the market guys (new eden trading co i think). there were many supers and capitals going to it and not one was killed.

NETC have 2 if I remember right. MC run one in the south, then there’s the Maila one. Best to double check yourself though.

Do you mean the old forums or the actual old forums?

They both sucked too but the actual old forums were better than the old forums.

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