The state of the 6-CZ49 system

(elitatwo) #1

@CCP_Habakuk, @ISD_BH_LightsLimit,

For some time now the lag that is caused by way too many keepstars - placed at them ca beacons - keeps getting worse and worse. Undocking a ship takes what feels like 2 minutes and when you warp to a beacon, you should see the grid from 20.000km away but you have to wait until all of them keepstars in system are loaded finally and by the time you are able to see the grid, you can warp back to the station again.

It is very hard to try out the latest changes and toys, when you can’t even undock or if you undock you have to wait for so long that a fight is over when you can warp.

I know you like to dock your supers in keepstars but we don’t need a keepstar for every pilot whom ever lived, lives and will live until kingdom come out there.

One freeport is plenty and everyone can dock their super there.

I propose that for the next mirror them keepstars will not be seeded for the Syndicate region and you place them somewhere else.

This citadel spam is too much, it really hurts the performance and is very unlikely to ever happen at this magnitude on TQ.

Just for reference, I post my gaming setup:

Core i5 7500 (Kabylake) @3600MHz
16GB Kingston HyperX DDR4 @2666MHz
Gigabyte Z270X Gaming 7 (bios F8a)
OCZ Toshiba RD400 (M2 drive)
Sapphire Nitro AMD RX 480 oc

This setup does runs the latest things at 4k resolutions just fine but I only have a 24" screen.

Thank you for consideration.

(Gian Bal) #2

I agree, 1 maybe 2 freeport keepstars in the system and dont seed them.

(Dru Dru Achasse) #3

Yeah can we please not seed citadels? There’s so much damn spam.

(Shelby Watkins PowerRanger) #4

I agree.

(Adolf WeinerSchnit) #5

Yea the amount of Keepstars being anchored is absurd. It would be best to only have maybe two Keepstars in the system at any time.

(Molly Duma) #6

Yeah the citadel spam is horrific

(Aeon Herzog) #8

Legit just gonna quote Eric.

20:55 - Eric Tsutola: so it wasnt just me whos game kinda freezes up when undocking?

(Eric Tsutola) #9

Ya I noticed while i was on a few days ago that undocking hel’s was a nightmare, thought it was my setup.

(Daedulas Hemah) #10

Having fps issues when undocking and then warping too ca’s is a joke, takes about 20 seconds too load into a ca, its even worse if the ca is loaded with people too. Atleast 1 or maybe 2 freeports are good for super pilots too use but have over 10 on 1 grid is a meme at this point

(Kieran McMemelord) #11

I agree +1

(Aeon Herzog) #12

CA1 has nearly 20 btw :thinking:

(Juvenius Drakonius) #13

this is reasonable, will kill the keepstar we where testing

(Daedulas Hemah) #14

Not appreciating lagging into a combat area for then to die before I can do anything about it and all I can see is keepstars everywhere. Do something about them, probably like how other players have mentioned above.

(Enolam Tsop) #15

Just wanna test some fits and have fun but lagging into a ca then dying, not being able to do anything until im in a pod because of the stupid amount of things on grid is so stupid. My computer is pretty decent too, I say do what other players have mentioned above because playing a game and not having fun is :FeelsBadMan:

(SarekofVulcan) #16

TBH just not seeding them in 6-C isn’t the answer. Someone will just put one in an obbie and / moveme there and anchor anyway.

CCP just put up a freeport and block anchoring anything.

(SarekofVulcan) #17

Not seeding citadels isn’t the answer either. How would anything be tested? Didn’t we just test the latest moon extraction citadel? Get real.
The problem isn’t citadels, and it isn’t the rest of the universe, the problem is this system in particular and the people who think they are clever by putting up 3000 keepstars.

CCP should just put up one freeport keepstar in this system, and lock the system down for anchoring.

Don’t wreck everyone else’s ability to do things elsewhere.

(Aeon Herzog) #18

Tbf they don’t have to unseed refineries, which aren’t cough citadels.

(elitatwo) #19

Exactly. Refineries can stay and everyone can still spam their own keepstar in a different system. There are about 7000 of them, I guess one may find a place.

(Molly Duma) #20

Replace the station with a Keepstar and make a system that prevents people from anchoring Citadels in 6-C, Problem Solved

(CCP Habakuk) #21

If you are concerned about the load time or low frame rate then please send appropriate bug reports, so that we can investigate this further.
I did a short check with my client and while the load time is slightly longer, it is pretty acceptable on my machine. I can not see any real frame time problems on my machine at all after everything is loaded. It would be great to get more details, so that we know what we need to improve.

Edit: Interesting to test would be if disabling the server overlay helps for your problems.