Keepstar Spam M-OEE8

Good evening everyone,

the new Mirror is just around 2 Weeks old and we already got People spamming Structures again…

Tonight we found a Person whos doing it on another Level it seams…

Charakternames: Titan003, TitanAPP

While we all understand owning your Structure to test Stuff, I dont see a Reason to have 10 Keepstars close to each other… Its just a massive Performance Killer in the end…

Here is some Screenshots about what he did:

Is there a way for CCP to take care of that somehow? Or we get a Local Group of guys together who take care of that?
In a few Days/Weeks we wont be able to undock anymore cause of the Massive Lagg it creates…

If anyone has Ideas how we can stop the Spam, let me know.
Im up for Ideas.

Have a good night Boyos


I have been on the test server for a long time and have witnessed many restarts of the server and what happens with the server when it gets filled with structures and It had always a negative effect on the server.
The best example was last year when +500 structures where on the combat system M-0…
The stable framerate of 53fps dropped to around 20 fps. Like Ciens mentioned structures on mass are massive Performance Killers and there should be a limit of around 1 or two for player, on the number of structures there can be placed on that system.

CCP please don’t let that again because it just ruins the game experience for the players

It’s a test server. Why does this matter?

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mass file bug reports about structure spam causing performance loss, THEY DONT WATCH FORUMS… bug reports are only way to talk with the kings of sisi.

make sure to post EBR when there is isd guy on sisi. posting on forums will never work… learn to file bug reports… if they see hundreds bugreports from people about citadel spam THEY WILL DEAL WITH IT. complaining on forum will not help.

i got ganked outside m-oeeb and have to live with it. but if ISD/CCP notice mass outcry about citadel spam causing lags/performance loss they will fix it either by removing+banning abusers or they will limit max structures by player.
its total nonsense to be able to put 10000 keepstars because you can…

perhaps ccp should stop seeding citadels at all and force us to build them so citadel spam will be cut down for some time.

If im on when they go vulnerable ill start to bash them and take them out slowly, but no promises that I will get to all of them

if they are just installing keepstars for fun without fueling them then its easy work. few dreads and its gone

One of the main problem is, if you kill one, he add 5, and even more, look at that, still the same player that spam

did you bug report this an post ebr when isd in channel?

more people need do bug reports and they will react. spamming forum will not help. forum is not suitable for this,use bug report system, “” my pc burning 500 keepstars crashing game"

I did bug report with some screenshots, but no ISD online

I should be able to finishing skilling all of my dreads so I will start to bash tonight

when u get isd on hthrow him the ebr code… encourage other people to bugreport aswell

The EBR code?

when u make bugreport and press button send u get popup with ebr code

Yes i noticed that when i made another one

if 10-20 people will file bug reports about same issue this will get them to work on it
they must know that citadel spam starting to turn into big problem.

First of all, people only do this because you were destroying their only keepstar at the beginning. And you know it very well.
Secondly after reviewing this post I get on the test server and went to CA1 to see how bad it is, now I find out a lot of keepstar spam is done by Gay alliance. which is working very hard with goons at the beginning to complaining about others doing keepstar spam.
So the reason is clear : When people can not defend their keepstar, they began to do this to make sure at least one keepstar can survive.
Oh wait Ciens is in Gay Alliances, interesting.
keepstar spam

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there is a solution here none of you are seeing

join him in spamming keepstar on one of your alt accounts, if they get ban from sisi thats ok, but otherwise just 2-3 of you putting up 1000 of keepstar will guarantee that the problem is remedied quickly

and yes, 1000’s. every planet, near every gate, everywhere

just dont coorelate citadel spamming accounts with main account so they ban the small fish. problem is people arent bugreporting the citadel spam,thats why it has been not resolved.

Hey guys just go see by yourself who is doing these keepstar spamming , it is Ciens himself who post thiskeepstar spam ciens

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this topic became so memed today