Any devs paying attention?

Would be nice if one of you devs delete the 35 keepstars on combat area 1. They are lagging the grid.


F12 bug report on sisi

Its not monitored like tq

In the meantime, you can bookmark the ones you need or use and then remove them from the overview tab.

Why don’t they restrict the building of citadels from the main system? So that if people want to test citadels they just do it 1 jump over?

But what if someone wants to try the citadel fighters in combat? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :upside_down_face:

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They have to plan for weeks spend hours every morning practicing till all that muscle memory is on point then spend hours spread sheeting fit’s and number crunching then when the enemy shows up unleash drones push point and go make coffee.

Real engaging game play.

On a serious note they can deploy it next door and just go practice there with a friend xD

they are gone. i am old vet im aware of sisi management. Thanks.

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