Guristas Sotiyo & Testserver

As I’ve been informed the Sotiyos are not seeded / active on Sisi.

Is it possible to get either one spawned or getting them activated in a set system for testing purposes?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Any reply possible? :wink:

they are disabled on singularity server

oh man :frowning:

I know that, which is why I am asking :“IF the can get activated”: :wink:

Any chance of a GM / Dev response on this (and wether it would be possible) ? :slight_smile:

Guess ccp not reading this forum

hey guys,spent two days in try to find guristas sotiyo - they are definietly disabled on sisi i arranged 1 more person to help me out with no success,they are nolonger on sisi sorry but that what it looks like and ccp response is no response

remember that singularity test server is running on very limited resources so its most likely due to limitations,they cant run things for too long or simply they do this to test for bugs then stop spawning,ccp will not re-enable blood raider/guristas sotiyo anymore im 99,9% sure

Basically they (CCP) don’t want us (the players) to test fits and tactics on the test server so we can mitigate losses on TQ.

That is why there are no shipyards or FOB’s on SISI.

too true i agree,but n other hand why they would keep the FOBs and sotiyos on sisi once they allw ere tested out?

we will have chance when they release following

serpentis sotiyo
angel sotiyo
rogue drone sotiyo
sansha sotiyo

perhaps ccp might in future reference release npc keepstars?

it would be interesssing to put i.e guristas palatine keepstar and let players deal with it

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