Should zirnitras be seeded on singularity?

I was thinking, due to how rare and powerful zirnitras are on tranquility, shouldn’t they not be seeded on singularity? They are rarer than supercaps on tq, and are extremely powerful, so why are they seeded on sisi?

Why does rarity have anything to do with it?

It’s kind of hard to test things if you cannot easily obtain them on the test server.

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Is it more reasonable to assume an oversight …
… than it is reasonable to assume they’re not seeding it on purpose?

The issue here is that they ARE seeding them, not that they are not

But what are you gonna test with a ship that is extremely difficult to obtain in tranquility?

Have the Zirnirta on the main server, wait for the next Mirroring. Test it.

does… it… matter?
it’s singularity, who cares?

The OP seems to care.

CCP seeds what they want to seed, based on what they want to test. Impact on regular players puttering on Sisi is not a consideration.


I’m sorry … apparently I’ve misread it twice.

Anything you want, it’s the test server.

On the test server you can try fits or ships that you wouldn’t have on tranquility, you can get blown up multiple times in a ship that you could not afford to lose on tranquility and you can learn how to fly capital ships, even though you don’t have the ship nor skills on tranquility. Try new outfits for your character portrait that are too expensive to obtain for you otherwise and see if you like it, or try that new trig dread.

Just because you cannot easily obtain it on tranquility doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to test with it on singularity!

And for CCP it may even result in quicker feedback if this rare ship happens to have weird glitches, when 100 people play with it in the first months rather than 2.

imo: the only things that shouldn’t be seeded on SiSi are AT ships and things like Gold Magnates, Federate Issue Megathrons and the like.
EVERYTHING else should be available for testing.
What’s the point of having a test server if you can’t test things?

It is CCP’s test server, not the players’ test server. A lot of people don’t seem to understand this distinction. CCP lets players log on to Sisi as a courtesy, but Sisi isn’t there for players to practice combat, test fits, demo clothes, etc. Sisi exists for CCP to test content they intend to deploy, and leverage players’ assistance in the process. CCP is kind enough to not shut down Sisi access between mass tests - but they don’t seed everything because not everything is needed. If there is going to be a capital ship mass test, they’ll give out ships. If they need to test faction modules or abyssal modules or whatever that isn’t seeded, they’ll give it to the mass test participants.

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