A Question for the Devs/ISDs

Hello CCP Team!

A few corpmates and I have been wanting to test out the Guristas’ new Sotyos on Sisi. Since these structures are notoriously difficult to find, we asked a few ISDs if they were seeded into the current patch on Singularity before setting off on the extensive journey of searching seven regions for these things. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to receive a straight answer as to whether these are seeded or not; none of the ISDs knew if they were. I was told to post on the forums, so here I am!

To any Dev or ISD who might read this: are there Guristas Sotyos seeded on Singularity? I dont need to know where they are (although that would save a massive amount of time :smiley: ), I’d simply like to know whether my efforts to find one will be futile.

Thank you very much for your time,

Multiple people still awaiting answer to this question.

Please reply CCp, we know you are a lil busy right now but a simple yes / no would help alot :slight_smile:

This thread as in direct conversations even though getting refered to the forums seem to be getting ignored.
As with Twitter & all other attempts to getting an answer from CCP.

Day 9.
seems they have not yet noticed the post

It’s more likely that this thread is not getting attention due to its title - “Is there a Gurista Sotiyo on Sisi” would have been a more attention-grabbing title.

The distributions of sites and events on Sisi tend to be mostly equivalent to those on TQ (EDIT: Should have clarified this further - we will not necessarily provide direct information on the state of any given distribution at any given time, hence me not saying if there is one on Sisi or not right now, just giving the general state of affairs). If you ask ISD if something is “seeded” they likely think you’re asking about the market seed btw.

Pirate FOBs and Shipyards are not active on Sisi. They are only active on TQ.

We were merely searching for a yes / no answer to the question wether they were actually in space somewhere on Sisi.

I don’t expected it to be a yes though, since I’ve spent more than 16 hours total scouring through all of guristas held nullsed along with lowsec, + all surrounding lowsec.

Thank you this cleared it up.

Is it possible to get shipyards activated on sisi for testing purposes? :slight_smile:

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