Seeding Player owned Station

Good evening,

I have a Question for CCP ;). Is it still possible that you guys seed a player owned Cita?

As i got my Test System running now, it would be great to let everyone buy stuff directly there.
Now they always have to make 2 Jumps to the next Trading Hub.

Here is again my Forumtopic about my System:

Thank you for your time


tried to get mine last mirror. ccp will noot seed player owned structures. because its restricted by sisi rules. ccp cant give players items ships etc. on their request

your best is to get some trading alts and seed your station with evrything.

there is tons of seeded stations in empire both high/low if u empty unused solar system you will not hurt anyone. so lets say buy each item 1000 times with exception to fuel blocks/capital ship fuel etc. where player have to bring its own fuel etc.

dont seed items of high volume to move so dont buy poses/citadels citadel/pos mods ihub stuff too.

i still miss one of old mirrors when there was some big cyno network like 20 or 30 systems connected via pos cyno networh it was nice work


I dont remember asking you…
Im waiting for CCP to answer.

Thank you

If you want to ask CCP directly and not expect other feedback:

  1. File a petition.
  2. Don’t post in public forums.

@Amak_Boma knows more about sisi than you ever will. :arrow_down:


last mirror i tried to get my seeded fortiar in TVN-FM but my request was rejected since they do not seed player citadels on their want/demand. if they would seed your citadel,they would break their own rules.

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