PvE / Industrie on Singularity

Good evening everyone,

as many of you know Im playing on Test Server quite a while now…
And ppl are always asking about Pve and Mining/Production on Singularity…
After some thinking, I sat down and created a System for everyone who wants to do exactly that.

The System is called X47L-Q (10 Jumps from M-OEE8) and is going to have:

-> Level 5 Industrie Level + all needed Ihub Upgrades
-> Level 5 Miltary Level + all needed Ihub Upgrades

I ancored:

-> Freeport Keepstar with Clonebay (for short travel time) to park your ships up to Titans
-> Freeport Sotiyo for Production and Research (can produce up to Motherships/Titans) + Rigs
-> Tatara for Moon Mining and refigning of Moon Ore (planned is a weekly Cycle)

Everything will be ready to rumble tomorrow night. Citas are still ancoring atm ;).

Now, you dont need to bring all all your Stuff over from wherever you arrive.
There is Market 2 Jumps out in X-7OMU where you can buy everything for 100 isk.

If you got some Questions, or Stuff you would like to see in that System… let me know.

Wish everyone a nice Evening o/


Good evening again,

its finished now. Everyone who is interested in Mining/Production or Ratting or wants to test fittings etc. etc. get over. Its all setup for you :wink:

Screenshot of Moonchunc:

-> 6 days and its ready to be mined


Im going to booststandings daily, so you always got all Anoms to run ;).

Wish you guys a nice evening


P.S. if you need help with fittings, or got Questions about the System, just ask away :wink:

did you encounter any guristas npc capital spawns yet? im doing this on cache region but two days of ratting and no single npc carrier/dread spawn . its angel space so should get angel dreadnought but nope

u got cyno/gate structure setup ? it could be better to move big toys there to avoid execution by firing squads in m-o

Hey Amak,

you are right… thx for reminding me onto that.

I now placed 2 Cynos

In M-O just rightlick your Cap and you should see:

After that you can slowboat the 2 missing jumps or use my next Gate which is:

Use the one to X47L-Q. I placed the other one by Mistake <,<.

Hope that helps out.


More people should join up, because there’s a lot of potential for having fun and testing stuff without (hopefully) not get harassed by sisi warriors!

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corpse collectors are attacking outside m-o . they did follow my titan two jumps untill i moved it back to m-o keepstar. decided to cyno chain it into cache ebcause there was something bad ongoing. my leviathan was chased untill skarkon. it was guy from goonwaffe the second time,first was corpse collectors.

all i wanted to test is npc capitals vs my capitals to see what i can use agaist these. dont have time for whole grind but wuld be nice to get one to try some toys. have a nice day.

will try again with levi later.

Just another little Update,

in case you wanna try Abys Sites. I added Filaments to the Market for everyone to try.
They are seeded on my Keepstar for 100 Isk.

Have a nice Day


This is very good what you have done here.
I think this will give SISI players more opportunity’s to actually do stuff instead of getting blown up .D

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Sorry English is :nauseated_face::joy:
Endlich mal Sys wo man seine ruhe hat zum Testen. Und neben bei noch Ratten kann. :smiley: :+1:
Finde CCP sollte ein zwei PvE Sys machen und nicht das erst Spieler sowas machen müssen.
Immer gute Sache. :muscle::+1:

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Test in progress…

Hello again,

another Day another Update. Im slowly getting forwards.

Started Hauling the first Mods to my Keepstar to sell them to you guys (100 isk price)

List of Mods so far (more coming tomorrow)

Wish everyone a good night and a nice Weekend :wink:

keep good work man.

seeding ships would be problematic. not recommending it. eventually some t2/t3 cruisers t2 battlcruisers t2 battleships etc. dont seed capitals. make people try out subcap things,ofc they can bring theirs.

Good evening again,

wanna say a thank you for all the kind Feedback first <3. Awesome that ppl like my Idea.
So the effort is not for nothing :slight_smile:

After another Hauling run today, I got the, imo most Important things seeded now (for pve and mining)

Screenshot of Ships i have now:

And another one of Some Ammo and Mods I hauled today:

Alltogether I have now:
-> All needed Drones for Pve and Mining (Light to Heavy)
-> Small to Large Guns with Ammo (Hybrid, Laser, Projectile)
-> Missiles with Ammo (Light, Heavy, Heavy Assault, Cruise, Torps)
-> all needed Weapon Upgrades and tracking Enhancers
-> Mining Equipment with Crystals + Upgrades and Drones

I seeded most of my Stuff in 2 Ways:
-> Tech 2 if you wanna run cheap
-> Deadspace/Faction for more expensive Fittings

Thats it for another Update :wink:

Everyone is always welcome to come around.
Let me know if there is anything important missing

Wish everyone a nice Sunday


Good day eve community.
I’m really impressed of this idea, I have searched for a system where I can try fits for my Hel (Super).
I have been searching for a good system where I can try ships without getting shot in the face and I must say that it is impressive most people don’t bother even doing something like that.
I find it very interesting and I hope you can keep it up with this project.
It’s very sad to see that the community of eve must do the work for the lazy devs.
I wish you luck and I will follow your work :slight_smile:

seed some fuel block so people could test booster/drug reactions shame theres no gas sites nearby,would be cool to mne gas and test the reactions. buying evrything for 100 isk is kinda too easy,i did simulate fortizar construction in wormhole and took me solo 22days to have all components produced and mined from ore sites. i was able to use my fortizar after around of 42 or 43 days of working toward it.

what about seeding components to build palatine keepstar? got bpc for this :smiley: it would be problematic because component amount would be huge and tax. yes job cost is like 1-3 trill isk

Good evening again,

im not updating the System anymore as the Mirror can happen any Moment and with todays Update most Players cant log in anymore atm.

Will set it up again next Mirror.

The longer CCP refuses to ban corpse collectors, the more and more sisi will continue to devolve.

If Habakuk even cared one iota, corpse collectors alliance would all be permabanned from sisi by now.

For what?
Oh enjoy your upcoming ban btw

You have to really get the npc kills in the constellation up not just the one system to get the faction capital/hauler/officer spawns going. at least this is from my lengthy research ventures into delve, rifis, fountain etc on the test server. I havent seen any officers spawn here, aint no one got the time for that

i did this on TQ in great wildlands. we keept triggered belts for two hours,dread spawned in [byebye my retriever] in whole day we had like 7 o 8 dread spawns.