[Null-Sov Industry Corp] You can be a trillionaire ! < PVE specialized corporation / Ratting,Mining,indy >

mad 2


We are crazy for isk !

  • Do you want to be a space rich ?
  • Do you want to enjoy pvp with Shining ship every day?
  • Would you like to influence the eve economy with isk?


Faceless Heavy industry

We love isk !!
Our members make hundreds of millions to several billions every day.
We live in Oasa null-security, which is rich in resources and is very safe.
Our members are US / EU time zones.

What we provide

  • More than 40+ systems in Oasa ( Ratting / Mining / Exploration )
  • Pipe Dead-End 6 System ( -0.6~-0.9 security)
  • Dead-End Pocket 5 system (-0.7~ -1.0 security)
  • Alliance Public Moon mining R16~R64
  • All buyback program ( ore / moon goo / ice / PI / explo loot / etc )
  • Ice System
  • Titan/Super Capital Production Sotiyo
  • All structures required for production ( Azbel / Raitaru / Sotiyo )
  • T2 Reprocessing Tatara
  • Corporation JF Service ( 4 JF Character ready )
  • Local Market
  • Industry / PI Tax 0.02 %
  • Everything you need to make isk


We have more than 6+ carriers/super pilots doing ratting safely.
Specially welcome Capital Pilots
What we’re looking for

Omega Account
English (not your first language is okay)
API for find Spy or Awoxer
Basic ISK for living null security
5Mill SP
Attitude to learn



in-game: Faceless Heavy industry
Discord : https://discord.gg/FnJMPVuVHT
Discord ID : Watch#2802


This corporation is really insane about isk!
From gila ratting to super carrier ratting, everyone is crazy about isk

The Wormhole Rolling Fleet is waiting 24h, and the Intel system is amazing.
Perfect Dead end there!
I was surprised when I joined this corporation.
Corporation provides the best environment for making isk

buyback program also Awesome ,
so Just Join now!

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Carrier /Miners are always welcome !!

Make a isk with us in the best security and deadend

Even at this moment, our members are making Huge Isk

We looking for more Members

Join the space industry front !!

What a Crazy guys!! lol . it’s best corp to make a Isk
When I first joined the corporation, they silently bought me mining Barge and They made me mining. Now I am doing 5 character multi-boxing mining.
I feel like I’m going crazy now too

is there indy guys? i want to production something

Sure, we make Super Carrier / Dread too.
We have all the Structure for production!

Still we looking for good members

Join the space industry front !!

â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  Awsome corporation !

I’ve never seen such a safe systems!

Everyone is happy to do mining, ratting, and PI !

I love our guys !

They’re making ISK every day, all night long .

There are also many members of the capital production,

so you can easily purchase capital Ship.


Just sign up. We’ll teach you how to make isk

What sort of commitment are you looking for?

we looking for members who likes to make isk with active players

and just enjoy it.

Our corporation does not force the members to be pvp or anything specific.

Cool. I need to be crazy for isk

Carrier /Miners are always welcome !!

Make a isk with us in the best security and deadend

Even at this moment, our members are making Huge Isk

We looking for more Members

Join the space industry front !!

who knew you can mine in a carrier!


you might do well to work on your communications.

the only response i got was asking to meet up to chat …but nothing about what i wrote… i put time into the evemail and i was kind of hoping a respond back then at least to the basic questions i had …if you needed to chat further on dicord or what we could done so at a later time.

however it seems your afk all the time
a bit frustrating. I dont mind waiting…but had you simply took the time to respond to some of the questions i had in the evemail and then asked to chat further if needed…or asked for more info

that would have gone a long way for me.
not responding to any of my questions and asking me to chat while your afk the entire day…

is rather frustrating.

been having a lot of problems finding a good null sec corp and one thing for me that matters most is proper communication also if you are obviously that busy and afk

then that is more the reason a simple response to at least some of my questions via evemail would have gone a long way.

update: anyone considering this corp i would highly suggest to skip on it.

like 8 hours later and no responce back to the PM. nor did ANY of my direct questions i asked in the evemail get responded to . there is another recruiter apparently but he also was afk …never pmd me back and no evemail back either

well i tried…really let down though maybe i sjhould just say fudge it and just make my own low sec corp .might get ganked once in a while but better then having to deal with this mess.

its a PAIN finding a decent null sec corp .

this one seems to be run by a kid. lol


after TWO days…the guy FINALLY evemails me back. on an alt apparently (5 days old in the corp)

first saying that during the time i tried to message him he was sleeping.

well first of all one of the discord alts showed as ONLINE and “playing eve”. then it switched from online to afk a few times…so i was under the impression they were there just ignoring the pms.

secondly. as i stated before. if he had simply bothered to respond to the evemail in the first plafce TWO Days ago…instead of just sending a simple pm on discord saying he saw the evemail but let him know when i can chat…withoutj any context or any responce to anyting i had i written as i had a few questions.

finally today i get a message back on an alt… (since apparently he figured out i blocked the other two )

and finally told me some of the info i asked in the first place

well gee why didnt you bother to say that in the FIRST place.

ok i get it…maybe you wanted to have a chat first. that is understanbile. however a few of the questons could have been responded to…and then could hae chatted when we had the time. just hints at poor commications

that and if you have to use 3 alts then i imagine that also means half of thet other people in the corp are likely alts too. and upon further looking into it. as i should have done in the first place. the alliance holds no sov…and thats kind of a big deal in null.

so yeah… it just kind of hints to me as a bit of poor leadership or commication skills and ive been in too many corps where there were issues with that as it is.

no thanks.

but maybe the next person who tries to apply and has questions youll do better to respond sooner lol. but i think ill pass… No big deal i should have saw the alliance had no sov in the first place anyways but…yeah

still i think this is good to post for others considering it to let you know .

in anything communication is key. and if a corp leader drags his feet in responding back to direct questions in a timely manner i think thats a bad sign.

but hey have fun! lol

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