<Nell-Security / Alliance> We make Huge Isk ! < Ratting /Mining/ Industry>


< Faceless Heavy industry >

Do you want to make a huge isk?
Our corporation can provide that you can make huge isk !
It has the best environment for ratting and mining.
We make hundreds of mils to tens of bils every day.
Our corporation is located in null security < Oasa >, making huge isk

This is NOT a PVP required coporation and there are no CTA
But you can do PVP / Fleet fihgt if you want.
Very Friendly for new players

What our corporation provides.

  • T2 Reprocesses Tatara (Ore/Ice)
  • Titan / Super Capital Production Sotiyo
  • Other structures required for production ( Azbel / Raitaru / Sotiyo )
  • 5 Dead End Pocket System for Ratting / mining (-0.8~ -1.0)
  • 6 pipe deadend pocket system for Ratting / mining (-0.6~ -1.0)
  • 2 Ice system
  • Moon mining
  • Infrastructure and local markets
  • JF-Service

In order to join you will also need.

  • Omega pilot
  • Discord
  • English ( It is okay if you are not your first language )
  • API/ESI Check for Spy stuff.
  • 5mil SP
  • The attitude to learn anything.

Our corporation’s industry Member income ( Average )


Ship for New player

ROQ Alliance Fleet

contact to
ingame : Shostakovich / Discord : Watch#2802

I’d be interested in joining up. I’m a returning player on a newer account who just grabbed omega. I’m mostly looking to mine and slowly work back into combat. I also have a decent chunk of assets I’m moving from a character I no longer plan to play. Here’s hoping I hear from you!