13th Company Wulfen is looking for Pilots!

How much isk do you want to make?
100m per hour? 500m per hour? 1b per hour? 3+billion per hour? Skys the limit!

With R16/R32 and R64 moons popping with 30+ day pulls, EVERYDAY, It isn’t difficult at all.

A local buyback program that saves you the annoyance of having to figure out how to get items/Goo/Ore/Ice/ships to Jita to sell.

Industry minded? Sotiyo, Azbels, Raitaru’s, Tatara’s, Athanors and more! Keepstar? We got that too! - Capitals, Subcaps, T2, T3, We do it all!

Ratting? Well, I suppose if you like that kinda thing?

Sov Null Sec, No renting!

Quiet systems, Active in multiple timezones. Ice belts and Moon Goo everywhere. What more could you ask for?

All skill levels welcome!
ESI Check required. (You will be judged)
If making more isk than you know what to do with is your goal in eve… contact a recruiter today! or join our PUB Channel “13th Company”

~Please Contact Alkain Higwind for more information or join our public recruitment channel 13th Company. Lastly we are currently located in the Wicked Creek Region.


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Mate, I’m looking for a corporation that allows me to ratting in NS, I use a NIV and I spend all day doing this activity, because I paid my game with PLEX.

Is it possible for me to do this in your corporation?

Sure is :smiley:

Perfect, I’m at work at the moment, but at night I’ll be at home and I’ll go and look for you inside the game to find out how I can get in …

Do you currently live in which region?

Wicked Creek

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You guys still recruiting? I have an alt who is skilled only for mining who’d mine nonstop with you guys. Just wondering if I could still get in on this juicy ore action. Just a heads up he was a former member of ph but he left after getting his mining ships blown up too many times

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