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Recruitment remains open.


Bumping again.

Bumping - recruitment remains open.

Recruitment remains open.

Bumping - still looking for pilots. New to Null guys are accepted.

Bumping - recruitment remains open. Plenty of anoms, rocks and neutral targets to shoot in our space. Come join us!

Recruitment remains open.

Recruitment open - emphasis on miners.

Bumping - still looking for miners.

Still open - come on down and have some fun.

Still looking for miners, ratters and Pvpers. Like flying cloakies? Join us.

Bumping - still room for more!

After a short pause, recruitment is back open.

Not experienced miner with solid skills, I can link my eveboard character sheet a if you like.

Let me know so I can proceed with other corp if I’m not good enough.

Also what percentage of income stays with corp and how much goes to individuals (my pocket)?

Many thanks.


Hi Sir -

Thanks for your message. Sorry for the delayed reply - I was out of pocket for a few days. I assume you’ve already found another corp, but if not please contact me or Zedder in game and we’d be happy to talk.

Thank you,


Bumping - if you’re looking to mine, rat, PvP or gank friendly neutrals, this is the place.

Those who are interested in small gang PvP, ganking in Null and flying cloakies and Black Ops are welcome to apply!

Bumping - still looking for pilots to fight and fly with.