We're recruiting - Null-sec corp part of a large alliance - We need you!


Bumpity bump

Still recruiting!

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Hi, your discord link is expired. Can you update post for me please?


Apologies. Here is a new one https://discord.gg/wRM9NmB

We’ve taken on some great pilots recently and our corp is doing great.
We’ve made it into the top 3 for highest fleet participation in the alliance.

We can do even better than this but we need your help!

We keep our corp members happy and we’re always checking up on them to ask if there’s anything we can do for them or if they need anything. Our members aren’t just numbers.

Apply to join at www.eve-hr.com/F3R4L

Pump it up! we still need boys and girls! to come have fun with us! plenty of fun to have! www.eve-hr.com/F3R4L we want you all! :smiley:

Hey you! yea im talking to you! come join us!

im telling you! we have lots of fun! and still open to new people! regardless of how new you are !

Still recruiting some great pilots.

Still recruiting

Bumpity bump bump

Still recruiting for the bestest little corp in town!

Still taking on great pilots.

I eventually found out that Clyde is a snowflake and you really don’t want to be part of this corp.
Hell, if you’re up for being told when and how to speak to other people then go for it!
Worst corp in eve

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