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Please close

170m EU looking for established alliance with good isk making opportunities and NO DRAMA
[EU] 61M SP LF PvP focused WH/Lowsec corp
125m SP Galente old timer
Looking for Null sec Corp (PVP player, 100mil SP)
128mil SP Returning Player looking for a home (PvP toons)
(Buhhdust Princess) #2

Nice bit of pvp yesterday, more to come :wink:

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(Camulus Agrona) #4

Bumps ; joined over 1.5 year ago, never left. Awesome community, both in and outside of eve!

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Bump, up to the top with this cool lot!

(Buhhdust Princess) #6

If you’re looking for a fotm corp to jump in and pvp with. That isn’t us.

If you’re looking for a long term place to call home, enjoy EVE and create explosions. We are the place for you :wink: Hit us up!.

(Buhhdust Princess) #7

Turns out wormholes are pretty freaking cool, come enjoy some high quality pew with us!

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I am going to be unavailable for a while, for recruitment purposes please convo one of the other recruiters. Cheers guys! :slight_smile:

(CFValhue) #9

Bump we are still recruting :smiley:

(Camulus Agrona) #10

This demands a bump! So much pew, such wow!
Honestly, great bunch of people with a goal to work towards!

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Bump up to top again. Top notch banter daily, some of us have aged well, other may have reached mature ages, but are still childs at heart :wink:
Good community still welcomes new players!

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Back to the top

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Back to the top!

(Buhhdust Princess) #14

More wormholes, more fighting, more killmails!

(Buhhdust Princess) #15

Been taking advantage of this new citadel thing (thanks ccp), up about 150b so far, more to come :wink:

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El Bumpo

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Old thread please close.

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