Keep Your [P5YCH] in Balance, with Mind Games

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Nice bit of pvp yesterday, more to come :wink:


Bumps ; joined over 1.5 year ago, never left. Awesome community, both in and outside of eve!

Bump, up to the top with this cool lot!

If you’re looking for a fotm corp to jump in and pvp with. That isn’t us.

If you’re looking for a long term place to call home, enjoy EVE and create explosions. We are the place for you :wink: Hit us up!.

Turns out wormholes are pretty freaking cool, come enjoy some high quality pew with us!

I am going to be unavailable for a while, for recruitment purposes please convo one of the other recruiters. Cheers guys! :slight_smile:

Bump we are still recruting :smiley:

This demands a bump! So much pew, such wow!
Honestly, great bunch of people with a goal to work towards!

Bump up to top again. Top notch banter daily, some of us have aged well, other may have reached mature ages, but are still childs at heart :wink:
Good community still welcomes new players!

Back to the top

Back to the top!

More wormholes, more fighting, more killmails!

Been taking advantage of this new citadel thing (thanks ccp), up about 150b so far, more to come :wink:

El Bumpo

Old thread please close.

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