0.0 Corp Looking for Casual Players And Returning players

Tired of the Big Grind or being a F 1 monkey .
Do you just wanna sit back and relax make I s k and chat.
Hate the eve politics and Drama
Then our corp May be what your looking for:

What we have to offer:

  1. True Sec null space for Ratting needs

  2. Moon Mining, True Sec Ice And Ore

  3. Corp buy back Program and Discord Sever

  4. Chilled laid back members

  5. Small gang pvp

If you like what we have to offer Plz join our in game chat:
No Names Plz or Eve mail one of our Recruiters

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Bumpity Bump. We are a awesome corp!


Hi, are you located in gurista space? Do you acept pve combat site runners/Exploration?

We live in Drones but we do accept PvE of any types


Bump! Returning players welcome :slight_smile:




u guys still recruiting?

Still recruiting ? ratting/mining and want to learn more on pvp if possible

Are you still recruiting for members?

yes we are

Cool group, they are very helpful.

Hello i am currently looking around for a corp, I mostly do pve and PI, but would like to get into some pvp eventually. Are you guys still recruiting?

Yup just hop in to our public channel ingame :slight_smile: