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Bump - a good bunch of people in this corp!

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Recruitment still open.

Bump - join up to access the most developed null sec in the game.

Bump - to the top with ya!

Join PXF today.

Recruitment open.

Come and join the null sec fun.

PXF Public in game channel.

Weekend warriors, hardcore and casuals all welcome.

I’m interested in joining. I’m in the in game chat channel… what do I need to do? I sent u an in game mail Nil.

Come join us for nullsec pvp!

New comers and veterans alike.

Still recruiting! Join our public in game channel for help.

Come join the pvp in nullsec.

PXF Public in game channel if you have any questions.

PXF Public.

Regular fleets and the most organised space in null sec.

We are still recruiting. Join PXF Public channel in game and ask for a recruiter.