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(Nesca Sion) #1

Closed, see new ad.

(Nesca Sion) #2

We are online always - hit us up in our channel and have a conversation!

(Siegfried vonFalkenhayn) #3

Great group of guys to fly with.

(Siegfried vonFalkenhayn) #4

bump online now

(Nesca Sion) #5

Come and connect with us! We are here to answer questions and help you grow! :slight_smile:

(Simon Magus) #6

Went to your public channel but no one was there.

(Nesca Sion) #7

Oh I am sorry to hear that! Please reach out to me directly if you like, I am happy to have a conversation with directly if you wish. Alternatively there should always be someone on to chat with in our channel, please check our channel again tomorrow.

(Nesca Sion) #8

Howdy guys! Online and available to chat, come have a chat with any of us and if we are not in channel please send a mail to the noted recruiters in channel to connect and have a conversation! Have a great day folks!

(Commander Aguila) #9

Can I apply a one man corp with 5 alts? Wanted to go back to WH i owned one before but someone keep attacking my c1 & c2 so abandoned it and never come back.

(Nesca Sion) #10

I dont see why that would be an issue… come chat with our Alliance recruiter and we will see how we can help you. We do have lots of WH that pop in our system and love exploring them. :slight_smile: Looking forward to meeting you!

(Siegfried vonFalkenhayn) #11

Online now if anybody is interested in chatting

(Nesca Sion) #12

Come have a chat and see if we are a fit for each other. :slight_smile:

(Siegfried vonFalkenhayn) #13

We are here for you guys

(Nesca Sion) #14

We are always online - come have a chat with us!

(Siegfried vonFalkenhayn) #15

bump for a good team

(system) #16

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