Recruitment now closed on this ad

Recruitment now closed on this ad

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I would like to bumb this as we are still recruiting

Bump bump - recruitments is still open

Bumpy Bumpy still recruiting

Bump up the jam, bump it up
Had some new recruits join us but still space for a few more

Bumping as hard as a kid at the fair - and yes recruitment is still open

still recruiting pilots for this friendly wormhole group - come give us a look

More bumps than a Tom and Jerry cartoon - still recruiting

My wife says I have no friends and she is right so come join the corp and be my virtual friend - still recruiting noobs, vets and anything in between

Bump me to the top as we are still recruiting

Back to bumping after a short break as recruitment is still open

Bumping harder that the Jita undock - still recruiting peeps

Still recruiting

once again bumping as we are still open for new members

I will keep the bumps going if people keep applying - recruitment still open

Wow 6 days since last.vump - recruitment still open

Wife/ GF angry at you for talking on comms, we don’t have that issue. come join us for a quite life at home

still recruiting so come have a chat

come say hi, we are still recruiting

Bbbbump still recruiting new guy and those sick of being told what to do - come do what you want to do when you want to do it (within reason that is :grinning:)