Recruitment now closed on this ad

recruitment is still open to those looking for a starting place in wormholes or just eve in general

bumpy bumpy day - still looking to grow our numbers a little more

We are still recruiting, anyone wecome who passes the personality test and background checks

Still looking to welcome players into are relaxed corp. Find us in game and ask for more info

recruitment is still open

still recruiting players new and old with the right attitude

Wife/ GF angry at you for talking on comms, we don’t have that issue. come join us for a quite life at home

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Bumpy bumpy recruitment is still open

Bump bump still space in corp if your not grumpy

Recruitment still open

Bump, numbers are growing but still some space

bump still recruiting

I joined as a relatively new player, with no experience of WH life.

BHG are fun and helpful, really nice people.

Come join the fun, recruitment is still open

We’re still recruiting.

I may be looking into moving into wh life and love mining and want to move to the next stage, expedition frigates/exhumers etc, my question is, is it profitable in your wormholes? possible to plex an account?

Hi Garick,

It is defo possible to plex accounts from income made in the wh. Not from mining alone, but if you take advantage of everything wh life offers you can easily plex an account.

I personally have plexed 2 accounts from isk made in our current wh.
Pi is your best friend, ratting and gas also makes decent isk. How to make that isk is something we are more than happy to show you.

I second what Calkrow says, a friendly helpful bunch who make this a great place to be, newbro or bittervet

Bump, we’re still recruiting

Isn’t it a bit crowded already in your WH? :smiley: 100+ members, it’s almost like Hek already :smiley: