[C5 WH PVP] Doin It Wrong is recruiting PVP Pilots!


(Heidi Metesur) #1

No longer recruiting. https://ovrht.in/

Looking for a corp, low sec or wh space
Almost broke, almost homeless - still newbro searching for new home
Returning Player Looking for Good Community/Corp
63m sp pilot looking for wh corp
Returning player, pretty lost. 40m sp
Experienced WH Player Looking for new WH Corp
UK Player Looking For Corp
Two Green-ish Pilots LF Corp
100 mil sp pilot looking for new home
Returning player looking for corp
38m SP character returning to game
Looking for PvP corp/group/buddies!
85M SP cap pilot + 45M SP alt looking for PVP corp
Returning 19mil SP PvP pilot looking for new wormhole home
Returning pirate looking for WH PvP
28mill pilot looking to relearn the game -- PVP/IND
Returnee pilot seeks employment, education and explosions
Looking for a new home! Preferably PVE
Two players looking for a home
Homeless UKTZ 152m SP Pilot. Possibly returning soon
No longer relevant
LF Medium Sized & Active WH Corp [72+ Mil SP]
Newbro looking for a PvP Corp to grow with
95.6 mil SP returner
2009 180m SP Toon LF sexytime
63.4 Mill SP LF new home
(Heidi Metesur) #2

Still looking for more members!

(Heidi Metesur) #3

Still recruiting!

(Heidi Metesur) #4

still looking for more!

(Heidi Metesur) #5

Still Recruiting!

(Heidi Metesur) #6

still looking for more pilots!

(Heidi Metesur) #7

Still looking for more!

(Heidi Metesur) #8

Still recruiting!

(Heidi Metesur) #9

Looking for more US TZ Pilots :slight_smile:

(Heidi Metesur) #10

Had a good structure bash earlier with decent drops. We’re still recruiting!

(Heidi Metesur) #11

Still recruiting!

(Heidi Metesur) #12

Looking for more!

(Heidi Metesur) #13

had a good fight last night. we’re still recruiting!

(Heidi Metesur) #14

still recruiting!

(Heidi Metesur) #15

looking for more!

(Heidi Metesur) #16

still recruiting!

(Heidi Metesur) #17

always looking for more!

(Keith Katar) #18

Still recruiting!

(Heidi Metesur) #19

we are still recruiting!

(Heidi Metesur) #20

Still recruiting!