All are welcome to apply.

To join come into our chat channel PXF Public

We are still recruiting!

Recruitment open.

Still recruiting. Join PXF Public.

Regular fleets and the most organised space in null sec.

Recruitment is open.

Come join the fun.

Top recruiters looking for top corp members - join today for isk-free pvp!

Recruitment open.

Generous alliance and corp SRP to keep you in ships.

Been gone for 2 years, Former Goon looking to regroup up.

New enhanced membership perks now introduced, even more SRP and ship packs join PXF Public in game for more info.

Small to large scale pvp.

No local, no problem.

Generous alliance and corp SRP to keep you fighting.

Small corp roams up to coalition level fleets.

Come join the fun.

Stop by PXF Public to find out more.

Join today.