You should join, won´t be sorry. Promise:)

Pew Pew with friends!

A fantastic place to really get into the null sec life, come and have a chat with us today

Daily fleets that you could be a part of, join up now.

Drop on by the Paxton channel in game to talk with a recruiter today.

A really good group off ppl! One of the most welcoming groups I’ve had the privilege of flying with. They will help you succeed in null space where other corps/alliances may have failed.

So if you’re looking to join a close-knit group of pilots that have flown with each other for years, join the the corp’s public channel “Paxton”!


Recruiting socially active pilots of all levels of experience.

Come join in the Delve fun with the most organised group in all of New Eden

Active training programs available, all we need from you is the desire to become a part of the strongest group in New Eden.

Come and enjoy a great corp with an active social environment and a wealth of experience available to draw from.

A home for everyone from newer pilots looking for their first null sec home to the bitter vet looking for a relaxed social group to kick back and enjoy their eve sunset.

As part of the strongest organisation in the game you will have an opportunity to be involved in the shaping the Eve galaxy.

Come join in the fun with weekly corp tournaments.

Stop by Paxton channel in game or send a mail to myself to start the recruitment process

Recruitment open, join the in-game channel paxton to talk with a recruiter.

New recruitment channel PXF Public

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