Looking for players new or old

PALS = Peace and Love Squad


We are currently looking for active pilots to join our community.

Whether you are a new pilot straight out of the academy or a Veteran just looking for some fun people to chill with. We are a fun bunch to be around and our veteran members know just about everything there is to know in this game, if we don’t we will help you figure it out together.

About us

  • Willingness to pvp is a must
  • We run level 4 missions
  • We have mining fleets running all the time with max ORCA boost
  • We have a blueprint library
  • Corp tax rate at 5% to pay for future ship replacement program
  • Chilled out environment because Real Life comes First EVE is Second
  • Running skirmishes into null sec when we have the numbers to do so

Requirements to Join

  • Be a team player.
  • Have a good attitude.
  • Be willing to learn and help those that are trying to learn.
  • Mail or PM - drayco anasasai, for a chat.
  • join PALS Recruitment channel in game.

Recruitment still open.

Lots of really experienced players are in this corp that normally you only find in null.

Formed in 2014 and now rebuilding. Perfect time to join. I have 70m sp and just found these guys that make me look like a noob!

This is a well-versed group in every aspect of Eve. From building ships to blowing them up. I like doing a bit of everything so this is the perfect corp for me. The members are very helpful and the corp provides guides to make ISK and other assistance. Good people!

Discord link: https://discord.gg/AFBdxbK

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