Polarized Weapons

Could we get polarized weapon systems seeded onto the market? As far as I can find, they’re not seeded anywhere.

We will, we just need to make some changes (not all related to this) to our market seeding script and have been mulling over our options.

will we get older AT ships seeded sush mimir,utu,cambion ?

I would like to know how they plan on seeding markets in null sec once all the player owned outpost are gone ?

Those areas probably won’t be seeded anymore i would assume.

Is there any idea on a time frame when the changes to the seeding script might occur?

Nothing immediate, likely before the end of the year. These matters tend to take a backseat to emergent concerns so I wouldn’t put a hard date on it.

Almost certainly no. Any AT seeded ships are more likely to go away,

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We’ll work something out, even if it’s putting up a cit with a market at mirror time,

be nice if you could seed faction mods too. these things are plenty common on TQ that i don’t think it would be upsetting to testing. officer can stay unseeded

Yeah that’s not going to happen. We’ve been bugging them for years about that and the answer will always be no

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