Are NPC Sotiyos available on SISI?

Are NPC Sotiyos available on SISI?

Yes. If I am not mistaken 2 at any given time.

ii think you can check agency wwindow. there used to be 1 guristas somewhere

5 and even more were downed this mirror, so yep they are available

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what force is nessecary to take them down

1 supercarrier 3000km off, can use more supers to make it faster

can it be done with three titans instead? would railgun erebuses with bfg dd work? the bfg to dal with cruisers and battleships?

what about sotiyo energy nos/neut, you know that these rats will eventually land on top of supercarrier

That ended up being a gigantic blob fest, which nobody wants. The Guristas brought about 200 ships in response, which included a lot of Guristas capitals and the titans had to take turns to warp to the fax machines for reps to get back into the fray.

Better not bother the Guristas too much and let the drones handle this.

so only supercarriers. what is optimal dps to structue stop repairing? will 20k dps out of single nyx do a job?

I believe 15k is enough, so even a Wyvern can do it.

thanks. i will try grab dual nyx to get it quicker. my main can fly it with around 22k dps the alt only does 17k dps

do they kill fighters often? shall i have freighter with mobile depots and spare fighters in storage?

As far as a buddy told me from his experience from this very mirror, he said when you are about 3500km out, they dont even spawn NPCs.

Your fighters will be fine.

throw me example fit for aeon and nyx. i will try something

rats will never land on supercarrier cause they don’t spawn, 3000km off is out of neut/nops range

Nyx fit:

4x drone navigation computer
2x med slot for modules

3x drone damage amplifier
some armor plates or something that looks like an armor buffer

has high slots

med slots:
4x drone navigation computer

low slots:
3x drone damage amplifier
damage control

My 5000 years compiling this super complicated fit only cost you 50 billion on my tq wallet.

what kind of loot drops from those sotiyos? komodo/caiman bpcs?

OMG find one and kill it, it is all random and nobody can tell you what it drops or not.

The Blood Raider one may drop the chemosh, molok or not and the Guristas one the Caiman, Komodo copy or not.
After the explosion, warp to the wreck and you will know for sure.

agency window used to display stronghold locations but it doesnt anymore so how i can find them

That is the biggest piece of the puzzle. I think you meant FOBs, which the agency show.

However, finding Guristas Gilas or Kestrel with a diamond tag in front of the name on d.-scan is a good indicator and there is a filter for the probe launcher for the sotiyos with the diamond tag.

thats hundreds of systems to scan for NPC kestrels. the FOBs is all i could find. knowing guristas fob spawn in all nullsec systems makes the search for them near impossible