Destructible Citadels on Sisi

Hey CCP,

Considering not many people log in to fuel structures on SiSi, it is pretty frustrating to find your stuff is not available on SiSi for testing because your citadels are wiped out.

E.g: we live in M-OEE8 on TQ, but on SiSi some of our forts are dead in M-OEE8, and a lot of my stuff is now in someone else’s hands. I don’t own AT ships but there’s still free intel and more that people can get from non-consensually destroying people’s stuff on SiSi, to inform what they do on TQ.

Please consider some kind of ‘opt-in’ to destructable structures, or some other kind of limitation that prevents bad-actors using SiSi to game TQ.



Yes, indeed, please apply your POS and WH sanitization methods used in SiSi mirroring to all structures now, since the bolded sections were absolutely intended to avoid just the kind of completely unethical behavior we saw ahead of the release install in TQ.


The process of “mirroring” consists of taking an exact copy of the Tranquility database, including character and account data, like a snapshot. This copy is then processed by the CCP Deployment team and all starbases are removed, in order to prevent players from spying on their positions and then using this information on the live server. Basic moon minerals are available in all moons, to help testing and prevent moon scouting on the test server. All accounts are edited so they don’t expire. Agent memory (both standing and loyalty points) are removed. S&I jobs are removed (because jobs in starbases would get stuck). All fitting of structures like Citadels is deleted and the assets of structures in W-space is moved to 6-CZ49 into asset safety. The market is seeded so that all market items cost 100 ISK and are in plentiful supply. At least one station per constellation is market seeded like this. In addition there are some other internal adjustments. This entire process can take up to 3 days, then the Singularity server is open for public.

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