Mirror question megathread


mirror stuff here

Will close if needed.

I heard mirror is potentially next week? Can someone confirm this?

goliath said it will be early next week if everything is ok

@CCP_Habakuk do you guys have a potential date for mirror?

Yes, indeed. A new mirror was requested and it is quite likely that it will be ready tomorrow, Tuesday. I’ll update this as soon as I know more.

Any news on when its going to happen?

Unfortunately it will not be ready today, hopefully tomorrow.

Will the mirror happen at SISI, TQ DT or a random time?

TQ mirror off sisi? :smiley: u woudknow what chaos would occur if ccp decide to make mirror of sisi today and drop it on tq? jjust imagine it.

well looks like in day or two mirror will happen. give them patience dont molestate them for mirror

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Did the mirror happen?

Not yet 2322 21st nzl time

Update: Singularity is shutting down now for the new mirror. We are very sorry for the delay.

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can you give us more clue how server mirror happens? we are curious what is really happening.

How long is Sisi expected to be down couple hours? Couple days?

Couple of hours (including some time in VIP mode, while I setup the test system and similar stuff).

Amak Boma: Well, very roughly: The database snapshot is copied and then pruned (for example removal of POS, stripping of structure fittings and similar). Most market seeding is also done at this point. This happens already before Singularity is taken down. Then the database is being replaced and linked properly. Then we need to update the database properly, so that it is at the correct game version. Then I start it in VIP and setup a few things for the test system and similar. After 1-2 further restarts it is then available for everyone.


so there is no any hardware stuff done during sisi mirror? thank you. so its just normal software work around it. thx

So I just catched a mirror when I try my fist access ti Sissi - I was always a lucky guy :slight_smile:

Good success to you - I worked for years in a DC - now I am retired :slight_smile:

i wonder how much data has to be mirrored, a couple of terabytes maybe?
i’m curious.

most likely 200-400gb od data is on singularity. account data arent so weight heavy,whole database might be heavy weight. and evrything must be done not in hurry,all must be done in high precision otherwise server will crash. there used to be one or two accidents during mirror when sisi hamsters ate too much.

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