Sisi mirror

Hi,there is change to be manualy mirrored to the sisi?

No, the only way to be copied over is the full server mirror, which will probably happen again some time in the next six weeks. Could be tomorrow, could be end of June.

today was mirroring?

No. Today was a patch with new content to test. It was not a copy of the Tranquility server.

Ohhhhh ok xD i was sure today was mirror haha

When a mirror is done CCP posts a thread like this: New Singularity mirror 2021-02-15

Keep an eye out for those and you will know when you can try logging in.

Ok,thank you :slight_smile: so next mirror will be about 1 month later?

I cannot say exactly when. I can only estimate based on the history of updates. Usually, they happen every 3-4 months. It can be longer (for example, before the February 2021 mirror, the last mirror was in October 2020). I mapped all mirrors from 2019 onwards here: 2016 character can’t login to test server

Thanks :slight_smile: Wanna talk on EvE Online? If yes,my nick is Dudus1

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