Any Eta on a mirror?

any EtA on a mirror to changes i’ve made on TQ will be put on SISI

what changes are you needing? i can’t think of many not covered by current commands

well mirror should happen in 2-4 months so be patient,this one is not very old and ccp will announce when they do mirror,they will not do it on player demands,its their freewill to mirror sisi evry few months.

Last mirror was Feb 20. I wouldn’t expect another until May/June - not sure if it makes more sense (from CCPs perspective) to mirror before the expansion and give new players a chance to try out the new content and participate in the mass tests or wait until the faction citadels are deployed.

You can always use /copyskills in a chat to update your characters on singularity with current tranquility skils.

when is nearest expansion

Next Expansion is “Into the Abyss” launching May 29. Faction Citadels are expected a week later on June 5.

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