Sisi Mirror March (when?)

I heard next mirror should be in march (someone from CCP/Dev said that). I thought it will come with the patch 12/03. But it didnt, so could we get actually information when it will be? You dont have to keep it as a secret. It wont actually make people to leave the game because u said date of mirror. Thank You.

i think april

I think march, at least CCP Habakuk said that.

" [CCP Habakuk]

The mirror is currently from December. If your account exists, then you can create a new character directly on Singularity. If you have currently no account on Singularity then you will have to wait for the next mirror (probably at some point in March)."

Last I heard we are shooting for early next week.

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what happened to server?

Sadly no fun storytime, just a simple IO error that needed a sysadmin with more access than I to resolve :slight_smile:

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