No access to Alliance structures on SiSi?

(Panzerkom) #1


On Test Server Singularity, I cannot clone jump or death clone to Alliance citadels. I need to access the Goonswarm Keepstar in 1DQ1 to test my dreadnaught.

Please help.

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(Rivr Luzade) #2

Then get someone to fuel and online the services. Thanks to CCP’s infinite wisdom with fueled services on destructible structures, this a completely normal occurrence. You could also set your deathclone to a station in NPC Delve and travel from there to 1DQ. You can also just /moveme to M-OEEB to the CCP Keepstar and get a new dread there for testing.

(Mintoko) #3

Are citadels normally cloned? I know that a regular POS isn’t.

(Rivr Luzade) #4

Citadels have services that need fuel to run. On Sisi, these services always run out of fuel between mirrors.

(elitatwo) #5

It was fueled today but I would just set the citadel up for public refueling, that way anyone can put some blocks in but not take out.

(Orny) #6

I thought corp / alliance structures were not copied across to sisi in mirrors - to stop people scounting out where these structures are on TQ

(Panzerkom) #7

Will try that. Thx

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