No access to Alliance structures on SiSi?


On Test Server Singularity, I cannot clone jump or death clone to Alliance citadels. I need to access the Goonswarm Keepstar in 1DQ1 to test my dreadnaught.

Please help.

Thank you,


Then get someone to fuel and online the services. Thanks to CCP’s infinite wisdom with fueled services on destructible structures, this a completely normal occurrence. You could also set your deathclone to a station in NPC Delve and travel from there to 1DQ. You can also just /moveme to M-OEEB to the CCP Keepstar and get a new dread there for testing.

Are citadels normally cloned? I know that a regular POS isn’t.

Citadels have services that need fuel to run. On Sisi, these services always run out of fuel between mirrors.

It was fueled today but I would just set the citadel up for public refueling, that way anyone can put some blocks in but not take out.

I thought corp / alliance structures were not copied across to sisi in mirrors - to stop people scounting out where these structures are on TQ

Will try that. Thx

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