Hey ccp theres sisi citadel bug

lets say you find or already have a wormhole with structures…
you play in that wormhole for couple weeks then months then years
you decide to go on singularity to see if you can check for something.
then you find this…

your character that was docked to citadel on TQ during mirror is moved on sisi to 6-cz along your assets - the second pat is reasoned - to prevent spying… but the first part??? i own that wormhole and i should be able to play with it on singularity but due to ccp-antispy-policy you lose your wormhole practically because you are moved on-mirror to 6-cz… therefore you cannot play on sisi with your wormhole.

if reading is your poor side theres shortcut.

dock on tq to citadel in wormhole then keep playing wait for sisi mirror,after mirror go on sisi and login to find suprise,you are not in your wh anymore,instead you are moved to 6-cz.

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