Why kicked out of W-space?

So got on SiSi today to test something only to find all my assets in w-space far far away because all my toons got kicked to 6-CZ… CCP Y U Do Dis???

I can take a vanilla ship into a vanilla WH from the moveme command but It won’t represent the ships I already have in the hole…all I wanted was to spawn where I was when the mirror happened and I haven’t visited Syndicate in ages on any toon.

Help me CCP you’re my only hope.

NVM… sorry for duplicate topic, apparently docked toons now all spawn in 6-CZ…

if you logged off in a structure that was your problem. during mirrors all structures are removed if you are in one you are removed

Structures are removed for SISI, the biggest reason being removing the ability to use the Test Server as a form of intel gathering.

they are wiping out all items from citadels in wormhole space as there are people shooting citadels in wspace this is to prevent to gather info sush fits you have in citadel and eventual ejected assets can give a clue what you migh have on main server.

howewer itspain in ass to get back to your wormhole in singularity when you are kicked to 6-cz when mirror happen,then move assets back to your wormhole.

just test in another hole?

on sisi my wh roams were to seek for ejected ships from pos. now i cant lok at this and sicne citadels evrywhere and no pos really cant find these. but after got my keepstar killed on sisi in wspce i killed some of theirs that was at end of old mirror.

this mirror i roamed throught some wormholes on sisi to test carrier stuff. but it was not so nice when titan drops on top of you and doomsdays your rorqual and then vanishing.

in rens my fried lost a charon to hel that used shadows and killed the charon without concord intervention - FUNNY shadow “true sacrifice” does not give you any timer either pvp or combat. no any timers

i have no idea what you are talking about… also unwanted pvp is banned except is certain areas

yes but after got my titan destroyed at 6-cz station is hard to do anything when people break rules knowing thre is zero repercussion.

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