All our characters on the test server have been moved from our wh system into 6-cz49. how can we move them back ?

wololololololtrollllll, that’s really funny/bad. I am so sorry for your loss.

wow, i knew there is almost zero chance to have ccp care about players problems, but i was hoping to at least get an answer from someone with a positive iq…

logoff one of characters UNDOCKED . it will stay undocked in wormhole on sisi after mirror

they were all undocked, at pos

Short answer is there is no way. You will have to probe out the system and find it.

Also, since it was a new mirror, plz understand that everything you had in that system is gone unless it is also on TQ.

how can i find a wh if i dont have an alt inside it anymore ? al my alts were there… and now they are out. same for all my corpmates.

well i have on TQ alt logged off in j010556 wormhole. and evry mirror this character is mirrored aswell and he is still in j010556,its now approx 6th time it was moved along mirror

your chars cant logoff inside pos
they cannot logoff in tether range. warp them to safespot logoff them in it and wait for mirror

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