Troubles to log back into SISI after DC

Hey guys o7

I got a Problem on 2 Toons on SiSi.

it started that i was with both toons undocked in M-OOE8 and both got a DC.

Now when i relog into this 2 Toons, they started to warp back to grid (like it is after a DC in space)
but the clients always closed before i land on grid.

Sometimes iam able to /moveme to another system and everything is fine. i can warp around dock etc.

Now the scary Part-

When i /moveme both chars back to Jita and warp them both the 8 jumps to M-OOE8 everything is fine till i enter M-OEE8 the same Problem i wanted to warp to the SIngularity Keep and ged DC during warp

thx guys in advance for some helping thoughts


just as you e-warp, do a / moveme to jita or wherever

its m-o thats broken af… you will still crash as you are moved. but log in then and you will be in the system you did the moveme to

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