Problem with sisi

Hi,today i wanted launch sisi server,but i get message on launcher “A network error has occured during authentication.Please check your connectivity and try again.” But i can play on tranquality without any problems.

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Started happening to me about 1.5 hours ago (approx 03:00 game time).

I was in the game, lost connection, and can’t log back in.

Very concerning!

Never had a problem like this before.

CCP don’t like me on sisi haha

I was on Tranquility.

i’m curious when ccp will fix it

Same can’t log back in now

How many hours we have this problem?

Eve offline, every patch, every time, this game has more bugs that I have lice.


very same here too, do yall get the same text as me?

Then you are lucky. It is the “test” server afterall. There is no guarantee of availability if CCP needs to do things with it.

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Why are people so desperate to get into the test server. it is a test server, it matters not but for the few times you want to test a new feature coming out or there is a mass test.

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It’s not like it’s your personal testing grounds. If CCP wanted to go like blizz and open it up for mass test only, they can totally do that.

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^^ This

Sisi is for CCP to test if their most recent idea works… sometimes it does not!

Testing stuff requires realistic testing conditions, including enough guinea pigs signing up to run the wheels… so they know when the wheels break down.

Sisi gave me a big update, wiped my toon for for me and restarted no problem.

i think hamsters again escaped from the reels

This says “Proxy not connected to server”

Meh, CCP have corrupted TQ so much with bias that the test server might as well be considered a sister server.

If you are having fun on sisi who cares about TQ?

10% tdi on sisi XD

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