SISI, cannot log in

cannot log in to SISI, since it tells me that I have a “Login failure” “could not open login window, check the internet connection and try again”

currently using a mac.

Sisi died for some time

still is?

it says sisi is OK, but there are 0 players?

it’s error between connecting players i think

oh wait
its allowed me to login again, seems like they fixed it

for now

yep,they did

i love how after every patch, the game get buggier and buggier

Me also haha

oh wait, its not letting me back in, XD

Unable to validate the authentication token provided by the launcher. This can be caused by excessive system load. Please try again after one minute or contact EVE customer support.


HAHA YES, i have exact same

Sisi be like: u will wait 4 months until i will let u in
Sisi after 2 weeks of playing: i’m dying help

Where were you when SISI died?

i was about 4:00 eve time,and 10 minutes ago sisi is again in half alive

im getting the same, have been for about an hour now

I can’t log into sisi, how long will it take to fix