Locked out of clone. What do?

I have a clone with implants in a citadel. Tried to do a clone jump there but I’ve been locked out.

Just assume there’s no deal to be made with the station owner. Is there anything I can do to get access to my clone? I doubt it, but thought I’d ask regardless.

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As far I know nothing you can do until you get docking rights.
Ask owners, ISK generally solve problems.

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Hmm Id say lol because you have me blocked and dont care about intel lol


Probably best to ask CCP directly via support ticket.

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Same thing happened to me, the station owner stopped the clone service and went AFK. Then it ran out of fuel and someone destroyed it… clone was lost.

This has nothing to do with docking rights, but with the clone service unavailable. Out of fuel or structure got reinforced into hull. If the former your only chance is to get somebody to fuel it again … CCP won’t help you here, as it’s intended game mechanics.


Don’t know if this issue happens often but this could be another way for CCP to make money, they could charge PLEX or money to move a player’s Jumpclone to a neutral location so the player can access it.

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There is one for the “little things” thread

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Nope, you’re ■■■■■■ because it is intended gameplay.

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After asset safety now clone safety? :stuck_out_tongue:


I dont see the problem with locked out jump clones - it is a risk you take in exchange for ability to hotswap jumpclones without incurring 23h timer or if the timer is already applied.

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